Web development is quite a challenging task for any company. When it comes to developing a user-friendly website, it is much more challenging as it is the first impression given to the customers before they hit the Store/Products. In the actual world of e-commerce, it works under the fact of “No customer, No Business”.

The user-friendly website doesn’t state only about being friendly, but also profitable. An E-Commerce web developer considers these factors when developing an elegant, functional and user-friendly e-commerce website.


Right Optimization

Optimization is really essential for any website. The most irritating factor that makes any customer to take a step back from the website is the slow loading of a webpage. It needs to load remarkably faster so that the user finds it easy to explore and use.

Easy to Navigate

Many e-commerce websites are easily recognizable. They have the catalog where people are familiar with products by categories, priced and easy to sort with just a click of a button. But there is always that one website that just has to make it really hard for users to find things, almost like they are playing a game of virtual hide and seek. The user should be able to filter down the products into categories that are easy to find and add to the cart.

Compatible with Mobile

Mobile phone users have grown worldwide. People who are visiting the online sho

pping stores through mobiles are increasing rapidly. So any e-commerce website should be responsive with respect to the device user is using. This provides the user an effortless user experience.

Exuberance of Website Search

“Search bar” is the first thing that user reaches to find a product. Including the auto-right and auto-correct feature makes a user to find the product easily. Providing the suggestions based on their search also helps in finding the products easily.

Making it 100% Encrypted

It is ideal if the entire business website follows SSL to encode the information. Some of the users are still cautious about using the credit card or providing their private information on the websites. To gain their trust, it is necessary to make sure that SSL executed so that customers will automatically choose to provide the information and they also will create an account.


Should Support Guest Checkouts

E-Commerce websites frequently require the visitors to make an account on their first visit. This does not seem essential to acquire from the website. Therefore, it seems quintessential to remember that everyone will not fulfill the process of creating an account voluntarily. There are Customers who visit for the first time just to check the authenticity of the website, to get the whole idea about the site. Existing users will acquire all the benefits automatically who can also turn to be regular loyal customers.

Considering these factors to make an e-Commerce website user-friendly, while developing will help businesses ensure that website is providing the best experience for the customers which also drives great traffic and increase sales.

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