Social media is a pool filled with audience. But, how one can gain the right audience for their business is what counts. Using the right SEO and promotion is very vital for the growth of more audience. To have a better reach one must possess quality of engagement.

Today, we will tell you about some important things to keep in mind, while using social media to grow your audience in an organic way.


  • Focus giving attention in the Right Direction

Being present on every social media platform is not the right way to go about it. Conduct an email survey; it is the best way to know your customers. Keep an eye on your competitors. If you find yourself to be the only one on the platform, it’s most likely that you shouldn’t be on it either. Be where your competitors are.

  • Post high-quality content

You could be working in an industry that is boring. But, finding a way to still make it stand out and look unique is what you need to do. Post engaging content that solves common problems. Try posting things that are educative and witty. Every emotion counts to target your audience.

  • Work the Smart Way

It has been analysed that posting high-quality content is more valuable than posting more quantity content. Use your content wisely and instead of spamming your account with everything, post relevant content that is engaging and informative.

  • Post during non-peak Hours

Don’t live under the misconception that you should be posting when everyone else is posting or online. Instead, by posting at non-peak hours your content may have more visibility. Analyse the data of your own audience, if you can.

  • Use audience targeting

With just a few tweaks in your settings for the posts can help boost your audience organically. You can use the target specific options to target a specific age, gender, location etc. Grab any opportunity you can to target better audience and the right people for your posts.

  •  Interact and Engage with your audience

If you engage properly and regularly with your audience by replying to comments, you are basically building a good reputation for your business that will spread. People will engage and look at your posts because they are genuinely interested in them. Word-of-mouth is the fastest way to gain new members of audience that are interested to know about your company and what it has to offer.

  • Promotion of Content/Profile

Promote your profile on every platform; be it your storefront, website, emails etc. Always add a follow button to your website so that the customers remain on the page of your website or blog. This also makes it easier for them to like your page. You can use cross-promoting to promote your social media profiles. This will convert your Facebook likes into Twitter and vice-versa.

Use your social media platform in the right manner to reach the audience goal that you want. Maintaining a few important things in mind and following them keenly will help you reach it slowly but surely.


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