Listing your business on Google is very efficient to gain customers. But, to be on top in the Google Search list, you have to optimize your listing accordingly. This is because the top 3 local listings provide the searcher most of the information he needs and it does not require him to scroll any further which is why you need to be one among the top three.

Here’s how you should be optimizing your Google My Business profile

  • Making sure your NAP is orderly

The first thing you have to ensure to be updated and consistent is your NAP (name, address and phone number). Whether it is your website’s contact page or any other page, it has to be the same on every platform. Even if there is a slight difference, it will decrease the visibility of your business. It is a good idea to have a standardized version for your business and stick to that on every platform. Also, make sure that the pin of your business is displayed correctly on Google maps for the very same reason of not compromising on your visibility.

  • Choosing a category and location precisely

The choice of your category for business will help Google decide what searches it belongs to. Make sure you are as relevant as possible to make your visibility in the top rank of a search page. Locate your business exactly and do not mislead your customers by placing the pin elsewhere. This will make you lose out on more potential customers as Google takes location and proximity into consideration when it comes to ranking.

  • Add a local phone number for customers

Adding a local phone number will optimize your business. This makes it easier for google to ensure that you are truly a local business.

  • Keep Google my Business listing always active

The new feature called Google Posts lets you share everything new that’s happening in your business. This information appears directly on google search such as daily offers, special discounts and so on. Nudge your customers towards writing reviews for your business. Also, respond to reviews including the negative comments. Make sure you do not get personal and keep the reply short and sweet.

  • Usage of GMB insights

This gives a complete insight of what is generating traffic to your business via Google whether it is phone calls, customer actions etc. Depending on the results, you can work on generating better outcome and improve on things your business is lacking.

  • Keep your Information and Images up to date

Keeping your business information up-to-date with even with the smallest details will increase your CTR (Click-through rate). Mentioning any updates in business hours and other holidays is very helpful to customers. Adding high-quality images to your business will help first-time customers know exactly how your business looks like and help decide if they want to visit. So, make sure you use this to your advantage and keep images updated with good quality.

  • Pay attention to SEO

If you are neglecting SEO, having your business listing optimized on google, your results are still being jeopardized. Keep track of both the on-site and the off-site SEO. Produce local content regularly as it is another important factor for ranking, this acts as a proof to Google that your particular area of business is legit.



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