The first digital marketing term was coined in the year 1990 when the internet has just begun with web 1.0. In 1994 the Yahoo has taken shape and first e-commerce transaction, with Netmarket was done. Later in 1998, Google the giant search engine has taken birth, Microsoft launched MSN. These years have taken major development in the web world and in 2006, internet surge has taken place and the traffic grew to 6.4 billion monthly. In the following years came web 2.0 where people became active and interaction became more personalized. As a result, digital marketing services in Hyderabad has increased.

Digital marketing-definition

The advertisements or the form of marketing done through electronic devices like email, social media, search engines, web applications, or any other digital channels is termed as digital marketing. This can be done both by offline or online.

For instance, let me take you back to the 1990’s era and make you see the billboards. That McDonald’s advertisement ad lure to buy that burger. But with the rise of Laptop and smartphones, that has been replaced by these electronic devices. Now everything has been digitalized and thus coined the term digital marketing.

To put it simply, it means marketing through a digital medium. Hence, many organizations are looking to have a partnership with digital marketing companies in Hyderabad

Which is better Traditional marketing or digital marketing

Traditional marketing is generally carried out through advertorials, radio, TV, print collaterals, outdoor activities like billboards, events, sponsorship events, trade fairs, exhibitions.
Digital marketing strategies can make a huge difference to businesses than traditional marketing. The campaigns run on digital marketing and traditional marketing are unmatched. In digital marketing, you can interact and communicate with your specific, targeted audience daily. But in traditional marketing, you can target the audience in a wider reach without considering any buyer persona.

Digital marketing is a two-way communication where-in you can get feedback from the targeted customers immediately through social media. Reviews are shared publicly and among friends. Whereas there is a one-way interaction in traditional marketing.

Hence digital marketing is the best and most of the businesses are leveraging digital media and channels to advertise and connect with their ideal customers. Moreover, at present, there are 285 million people who use the internet to know about their favourite brands.

Need help in developing your marketing strategies, then social media marketing services in Hyderabad like 9and9 can help you in this regard.

Categories of digital marketing

There are basically 2 key pillars for digital marketing Offline and online marketing. Different categories of online marketing include:

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content marketing
  • SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMM(Social Media Marketing)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Pay Per Click(PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Podcasts

Various types of offline marketing include

  • Billboard ads
  • Create flyers or pamphlets
  • Live demonstration
  • Organize trade shows
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Send seasonal greeting cards
  • Direct mail and telemarketing
  • Press releases
  • Print ads
  • Offer coupons
  • Recreate your logo with creative ideas

9and9 best digital marketing company in Hyderabad offers both online and offline services and enhances your business strategies with their digital marketing ideas.

The best digital marketing in Hyderabad implements these tools and gains maximum benefits to their clients.

9and9, best digital marketing services in Hyderabad understands your digital needs and gives optimum outcomes to your digital processes.

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