Google’s top priority remains providing its users with a positive experience to inspire them to come back to the site on a regular basis. They recognize, however, that a key part of making this vision successful means providing at least some tools and guidance for webmasters so they can meet the standards Google prioritizes. The search console updates speak to this goal.


The improved workflow roll out coming as part of the Search Console updates will help brands as they face increasingly demanding consumers combined with rapidly evolving technology. Since the new interface will allow users to share tasks with others and coordinate better with their groups, marketers should be taking advantage of the marketing trends that move away from silos and towards integrated campaigns.


In an effort to create a positive user experience, we have witnessed the increasing importance of having professionals from the different marketing specialties working together. With the new workflow, contributors such as web designers and UX specialists can work more easily with SEO specialists to create optimized sites that users enjoy.


What is Google Search Console and who uses it?


Well quite simply, it’s a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence within Google Search results. It is comprised of a collection of tools and resources to help website owners, marketers, digital marketing service providers, developers and SEO professionals monitor website performance in the Google search index.


New features of google search console: 


Data Related: 


– Get an accurate view of your website content using the Index Coverage report

– Review your Search Analytics data going back 16 months in the Performance report

– See information on links pointing to your site and within your site using the Links report (see more on this below)

– Retrieve crawling, indexing, and serving information for any URL directly from the Google index using the URL Inspection Tool.


User Management Related: 


– All users will now be able to see critical site messages, no matter if they only have the lowest level of permissions

– A new user management interface enables all users to see and manage user roles for all property users (only if they have the required rights to do so).

– A simplified permission model where Google limits the “restricted” user role to read-only status

– Read-only users will no longer be able to perform any state-changing actions, such as starting a fix validation or sharing an issue.


New fixed it flows: 


– Get automatic alerts and see a listing of pages affected by Crawling, Indexing, AMP, Mobile Usability, Recipes, or Job posting issues

– Reports now show the HTML code where a fix is necessary (if applicable)

– Share information quickly with the relevant people in your organisation

– Improved history tracking to show which individual performed which significant property-affecting modification. These include changes such as updating a setting, validating an issue or submitting a new sitemap.

– Notify Google when you’ve fixed an issue. They will then review your pages, validate whether the issue is fixed, and return a detailed log of the validation findings


Advantages of the new google updates include: 


1) Improved UI: 

The main source of confusion surrounding the new version of the Search Console has been how Google is handling the transition. For starters, not all features have been moved directly into the new version. Google even published a guide to explain the differences between the two versions.

Overall, the tool has been redesigned to provide a premium-level UI. As a marketer, this benefits you in one major way: without the clutter, you’re able to remain more focused and organized.


These could not appear to be a direct increase to your Website positioning efforts, however with this improved UI, you may get extra work performed in much less time. This freed up time can then be channeled to different search advertising methods.


2) Test live for URL inspection

The URL Inspection device received an essential replace that permits real-time testing of your URL. With the “Take a look at Dwell” function, Google permits you to run stay exams in opposition to your URL and provides a report based mostly on what it sees in actual time not simply the final time that URL was listed.

Google says that is helpful “for debugging and fixing points in a web page or confirming whether or not a reported situation nonetheless exists in a web page. If the difficulty is mounted on the stay model of the web page, you’ll be able to ask Google to recrawl and index the web page.”

The URL Inspection device is pretty new. It’s a great tool because it provides you an opportunity to repair points in your web page. So Google doesn’t simply discover what’s unsuitable along with your web page — it additionally tells you, permits you to repair it, and reindexes the web page.


3) Manual actions report

This feature helps you, as a search marketer, to minimize the amount of time you take to review your website performance. It’s one more step to improving your website speed and overall performance because issues are quickly detected and fixed. And of course, it’s no news that speed is one of the key attributes of an SEO-friendly website.


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