Content marketing is a strategy used by businesses to create focused and valuable content that attracts the audience which ultimately derives a profit to the business.

The seven points to remember for a content marketing cycle are as follows:

Research & Insight:

Start by creating a marketing plan and understanding your audience. Know who your customers are and what kind of customers you want to attract. Create content for the audience that is useful and relevant. Work on gaining knowledge of keywords and how search engines work to drive traffic to your content.

Goal Setting:

Having a successful content marketing strategy goes way beyond just research, publishing and writing. Evaluating the effect of your content marketing is the only way to know, if what you are doing is actually working. A content strategy needs a well-defined goal set up, without which it is clearly not going to be beneficial for your customers nor the business.

Content Strategy:

This again requires a lot of research. To develop content strategy you need to research on the company, its customers and the competitors as well. Content strategy needs to have a main objective or target to achieve and you should work on making strategies according to that. Ensure that your content has more credibility and you stand out from your competitors.

Content Creation:

Content creation today is more than just keywords. Having a trust factor built with your audience is important. Do not mislead them with click-baits of false headlines. Every content you create should be well-written, with proper usage of grammar and spellings etc. You want your content to be easily understandable and focused. Ensure to create a call to action for every piece of content such as read more, sign up now and so on.

Content Curation:

Once you have your content ready, you will have to publish it. Most of the content you created should be published on your personal social media platforms, websites or blog. But, some of the content may be required for publishing on other sources as well. Start with a good mix of the most vital pieces always posted on your website and then add mostly promotion based content on other websites or blogs.


After the completion of content creation you need to have a content marketing distribution strategy. Having an effective strategy for distribution will strengthen and build you relations with your targeted audience. You should have an insight of the behaviour of your target audience whether it is owned media, paid media or earned media distribution. A powerful strategy will make use of all 3 types of media to gain the maximum benefit.\


After doing all of this, you still have to keep a track of your metrics. Every time you publish content, you need to use a tool like Google analytics to check the engagement of your audience with your content. With regular checks, you will definitely see a pattern and this will help in improving and getting better results with time.


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