Digital Marketing has long been a foundation of online business and the principles and goals of the business are same as they were thousand years ago. The only thing that is altered is the way of marketing done in the digital world.   However, Digital Marketing has become the quite crucial thing for today’s business to overcome the business hurdles, conquer the competition and attain those business pinnacles.

The transformation of the marketing from traditional to digital is all because of the rapid growth of mobiles, laptops, bandwidths and their interaction with the mobile and web apps have changed the way of marketing. The important tasks for brands are to connect with customers through a lot of these devices in real time and create campaigns that work across social media, display advertising, and e-commerce.


Reasons why Digital has become a top priority for marketers over traditional channels

Effects of spending in the traditional channels

Investing on Advertisements in traditional media channels like TV, newspapers, and magazines have been negatively affected by increased spending in digital codecs, including online variants of magazines and newspapers, and digital video replacing the traditional TV ad. The growth in digital media and the stagnation in traditional media emphasize an overarching bias that has overshadowed the last couple of years.

Everything has turned to a mobile fit

Today, mobile is already one of the fastest-growing media channels as it is the ready-to-connect device. Mobile’s surge has redrawn marketing budgets and strategies, escorted in new ad merchandise and systems, and caused a radical change in the relationship between brands and consumers.

Social Media channels are becoming a great boon to marketing platform

Mobile users are growing each day. Grasping this fact many Social media channels from Facebook to SnapChat are looking to bulk up their progressive advertising services and keep growing as important players. Through the social media channels, an entrepreneur can easily recognize whom to reach, the way to attain and target those certain group of people for the fruitful results.

It is Targetable, Tangible and Trackable

The three T’s is feasible only in Digital Marketing. Through this, an entrepreneur can know where to target, how to craft those tangible results from the raw data and how to track the leads and ROI.

The struggle with advert blocking is real

The ad blocking debacle grew to new heights in 2015, with the ad enterprise looking to solve the problem before it gets out of hand in 2016.Consumers have adapted to ad blocking as a way to voice their concern and turn to their favored user experience.

Easy to focus on the consumer 

The old quote always exists, “The Consumer is the King”. Customer revel is that utmost enduring way to build allegiance and advocacy with consumers. With Digital Marketing it is quite easy to outreach the targeted audiences and make them stay with the businesses.

With the incredible perks those exist in digital marketing and the way it helps business in blending befitting digital marketing strategies that are custom-fit for any kind of business right from start-up to massive corporations, it is getting more popular and companies are choosing it up in the past decade.

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