It is vital to a few things about internet users who have become impatient if the page doesn’t load in seconds. They simply close the page and move on with the other webpage. According to the study conducted by Unbounce, almost 60% of the subscribers abandon the page. Hence, companies or paying special focus on the UX/UI design services for better results.

That’s why the Google search algorithm has made the page load speed as an important ranking factor. Besides, if there is a slower website, then the SERP position and traffic remains lower.

To know how quick a page should load is a ridiculous question. The faster it is, the better the SERP page rank will be. In this competitive world, each millisecond counts and tramples down the conversations on Google. The only way to keep with the pace is to take necessary steps and decrease the time of loading.

  • Factors that affect the loading speed
  • Many factors determine the loading speed of a webpage. Below are some of the essential elements
  • The location of your server has to be closer to the user to access the page quicker.

The ability to process requests quickly. This has to be configured correctly and capable enough to handle the errors fastly without waiting for a longer duration.

Website data size determines the speed. If there are numerous images it surely impacts the load time even there is a better server response. Therefore, avoid using large images.

Modern browsers can save the content of the website in the cache and reuse it when necessary. This helps the website to display the website quicker. So the content, which you want to store in the cache for further quick actions.
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Reasons to optimize the speed of the website

Website speed determines the performance or the time that is needed to load on a specific user page. The primary factors that decide the website success are

  • Visibility
  • Conversion and
  • Usability

Tips for website speed optimization

Image Optimization

  • Take some measures to reduce the image size without compromising the quality. For instance, reduce the file size of the image by selecting the correct file type and optimizing the thumbnails.
  • Digital marketing companies in Hyderabad can help you with and scale your website performance with quality images.
  • Have a better hosting

There are three types of hosting

  • Shared
  • Dedicated and
  • VPS(virtual private servers)

Among these three, it is better to select the fast hosting providers that ensure better page optimization. Social media marketing services in Hyderabad looks after your requirements and suggest the best host.

Reduce redirects

  • Redirects are a set of instructions or methods that automatically shift visitors from one file location to another. In this way, the page speed gets affected. Common types of redirects are 301 and 302. It is better to avoid redirects whenever possible.
  • Digital marketing companies in Hyderabad tries to minimize the redirects by taking appropriate measures.

Minimize the no. of plugins

  • Time-to-time, it is better to check and delete all the plugins which are unnecessary. Run the performance test, know which plugins are slowing down the webpage and try to avoid them.

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