The existence of websites is dependent on traffic. With no traffic, no website can do
any emolument or growth in the digital market. Whatever field you are in, an SEO, web developer, marketer, e-commerce, or a digital marketing agency traffic matters a lot for your customers who are a source of your growth. Let’s take a quick look at the causes of traffic drop and search ranking.

1. Algorithm: Search engines, majorly Google make many modifications and
improvements in Algorithms. By this, few websites may struggle to adapt to new
algorithms. It leads your site ranking to a level lower. The remedy for these types of
issues is focusing on traffic strategy and cross-channel marketing. It’s better to focus
on digital media and channels in social media.

2. Losing of links: Some of your links may be destroyed or mislead which are penalized by
Google. It’s better to let those links leave, as they are penalized. But some links may be
replaced with new links. Now you can link to the news source of the link which will work
effectively than older ones. Try to make use of programs for tracking your lost links.
Thus you cannot miss monitoring lost links.


3. Divergence in Geolocation: It’s very important that you should track the place of
search. As your rank position varies with the geographical position of the user. Google uses
the location of a user with the user’s permission. Thus it gives appropriate results for the user to
access. Make sure your website is operated globally to raise your website traffic.

4. Speed of page: Users feel comfortable with the loading speed of a page. If your page
loading speed is not good enough, your website traffic drops down soon. It’s
mandatory to check your page loading speed and improve it with tools for a better user

5. Internal paths: A pathfinder in your website gives users to find where they are in
the website. Too many internal pages make users discomfited. It leads to a drop in ranking
and traffic. So try to give enough in less number of pages.

6. Outdated search language: As smartphones became a basic need of human life, every
search engine updated their search word terminology to more comprehensive, thus
the user will find his required data asap. If your keywords are still old, it’s time to revise
and update them. Otherwise, your website will dig deep down.

7. UX updates: According to advancements, most of the search engines update or change
the UX. It will affect the ranking and traffic rate of websites. Check for these terms and
adapt to new changes.

8. Competitor advancements: Everywhere it’s healthy to have a competitor. Here too,
your competitor’s website may affect your ranking by implementing more progressive
strategies in the search results of users. Thus it’s necessary to monitor your competitor’s
actions in all the ways of promotion.

9. Traffic sources: As you know that 38% of users visit your website through different
sources but not directly by clicking your URL. You may miss your promotion through
social media or email or backlinks from other websites. If that so, your traffic
reduces, and search rankings get down. Thus check your direct traffic statistics from
your google analytic dashboard.


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