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Who We Are?

9and9 is growing as one of the leading Technology Services providers, specialized in Web designing, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application and Web development.

We are established in bringing innovative products and ideas into Digital Space with high quality. We pick out possibilities and opportunities that deal with each quick-term challenge as well as long-term value creation which help clients in all the ways.

Transparency and mutual respect are of great importance to us.


Our vision is to be the nation's most customer-centric company with the subsequent-technology, digital solutions, services, and products that are the great foundation which turns our customers to be our virtual entrepreneurs. Our strategy that's designed feeds into our vision and takes us in the direction of gaining our business goals.


Our commitment explains our enterprise’s direction; clients, partners, investors portray our enterprise motive; people, products, services explain our enterprise goals. Through passion and integrity, we endeavor to broaden the business world by igniting the minds, encourage the spirits and penetrate the hearts throughout the businesses.

Our Team

The team at 9and9 isn’t just the normal people. For us it isn’t always only about the trade; we like to look beyond conventions and bring to life strange yet effective ideas. We take what we deliver; we believe in corresponding results for the effort put in and delivering value for the faith you put in us.

Our clients kept us both grounded and inspired encouraged with their faith in our irrationality. We always take the space in being artistic, drawing out the best in us. We stay connected with our clients more than just superficially to understand their requirements and needs in a better way and to identify what suits best for their particular interests and digital requirements.

We believe out of the box thinking is remarkable. We began out to be same and glued to it through our highs and lows. We were, we are and we will be able to be always.

Our Culture

Our culture goes with “Making a difference is not only accepted it is far anticipated" The Company was built upon the slogan of “Happy people are the pillars of a successful enterprise”. This itself speaks a lot about our work cycle and environment. We always believe in “smart work than hard work”.

We work with a unique mixture of technical innovation and creative ability beating outstanding work with imagination, action, and fun. The happiness of delivering excellent work is pondered in the environment we operate in. We have the people who are well experienced, who can work with modern technologies and produce quality solutions.

We are always on the opportunity for extremely skilled, energetic team players in the areas of technology, developing, form, sales, and marketing. Let us help you to attain the skills, position, and success that you deserve.

Our Approach

Over the amazing journey, we’ve been growing; not just in terms of size and influence, but all of that, into whom and what we are now. To exceed and expand the business in the extremely competitive online landscape, deep perception is needed for the business to know what customers care about specifically, and how to develop their purchasing decisions.

What we do best is first is understand and strategize next, approach each project with the new outlook and immerse our clients in the strategy we built. We keep ourselves inspired by our work and our curiosity, insights and the thought we use to delight our clients with the original solutions keep us on top always.

For every project, we kick off with an absolute brainstorm and comprehensive project scope. With the collaborative and adaptive approach, we believe that the business opportunities with better knowledge reach the new targeted audiences in a faster way.

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